Jam Session Survival Kit


The Jam Session Survival Kit by Brad Laird is a downloadable pdf ebook that features chord progressions for the one hundred most popular bluegrass jam session tunes. These 61 pages of cheat sheats can be printed or loaded on a phone, tablet, or laptop and carried to a gathering. Each song is displayed in it’s most common key(s) with quick notes to guide you along. The book also includes chord diagrams for mandolin, banjo and guitar. For bass players, Brad has also included the bluegrass bass patterns for all 12 major and minor chords. This great resource makes a handy reference for mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, or bass players. Jamming is a lot more fun when you know the chords to the songs. If you don’t need it, buy it for that guy who keeps playing all the wrong chords! View the sample pages for more information.

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