Learn to play mandolin scales, licks, solos, and how to start improvising. These courses and video lessons will help you take the next step and start playing lead breaks. You also will begin to learn more about and understand music theory concepts. Get introduced to some basic concepts with our free lessons and then dive in deeper with our premium courses.

Featured Lesson

Turnaround Lick in D is a free video lesson by Brad Laird where you’ll learn how to play a fun and useful mandolin lick in the key of D. In bluegrass, “turnarounds” are most often used as mini-solos or instrumental fills between the verses of songs. Because turnarounds are fairly short they are easier to learn than entire songs. You’ll find lots of uses for turnarounds playing in jam sessions and as a way to begin to play lead. Click here to see the tab.

You can learn more lick like this one in our Mandolin Improvisation Basics course.

Free Lessons

Premium Courses


Mandolin Improvisation Basics will teach you how to start using pentatonic scales to create your own lead parts.

Mandolin Navigation

The Mandolin Navigation Package will show you how to start moving around the neck and play in different keys.


Our Blues-Grass Solos lesson will take you to the bluesier side of bluegrass and teach you 12 Bar solos.


Spaced Out Blues Solos will teach how to add chord based tones to your solos.


Playing With Building Blocks with teach you a series of moveable licks and how to use them.

Mandolin Master Class

Mandolin Master Class will teach you more about music theory and improvising.


Mandolin Training Camp will help you improve your solos and increase your speed and accuracy.

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