Lessons on How to Play Mandolin

Mandolin Compass is your online source for learning how to play the mandolin. We have lessons for beginners as well as intermediate to advanced courses on playing popular songs and learning to solo and improvise. Our free online lessons are designed to quickly teach you about a basic concept and to introduce you to our teaching style. Our premium courses are longer in length and provide more detailed instruction. So take a look around and find the mandolin lessons that are right for you.

Featured Free Lesson

What is a Doublestop? A lot of melodies you will initially learn on mandolin feature single note lines. As you progess you will learn how to play slides, hammer-ons, and a technique called doublestops. When you play a pair of strings at the same time you can create a double stop. Read More…


Premium Courses


Beginning Mandolin Package: Learn essential techniques, chords, and your first songs.


The Mandolin Primer will teach you even more beginner songs.


Easy Mandolin Solos: Learn beginner arrangements for Banks of the Ohio and two more jam session favorites.


Mandolin Improvisation Basics will teach you how to start using pentatonic scales to create your own lead parts.

Mandolin Navigation

The Mandolin Navigation Package will show you how to start moving around the neck and play in different keys.


Spaced Out Blues Solos will teach how to add chord based tones to your solos.

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