Easy Mandolin Solos Package


The Easy Mandolin Solos Package by Brad Laird is a downloadable mandolin lesson that will teach you how to play Banks of the Ohio, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, and Fair & Tender Ladies. This series is designed as the next logical step for students who have studied Brad’s Beginning Mandolin package and want to learn more easy breaks or solos which they can play along with others in bluegrass jam sessions. All of the songs in this series are popular jam session favorites and can be learned relatively quickly.

For each song, Brad reviews the chords, the notes and fingerings used, and the rhythm patterns needed to play the piece.  Next, the video walks you through the entire solo with step-by-step instruction. Finally, you’ll practice the solo along with the video at slow and medium speeds. You’ll also learn how to easily play this solo in 3 different keys.

The download is a .zip file that includes Quicktime videos, MP3 jam tracks, and PDFs of the tab, standard notation, and chord charts for each song.

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